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From vine to wine
Perched on the foothills of the Marne Valley, Venteuil is part of a long line of wine-producing villages along the river. It is renowned for the quality of its Meunier and its great aromatic expressiveness. Cyril could not have chosen a better place to be a winemaker!
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Champagne Mignon Boulard

The most beautiful
garden in the world

The Marne valley

Vineyard surface area

6.42 hectares

Right bank + left bank


Venteuil (3.06 ha)
Reuil (1.68 ha)
Dormans (1.53 ha)
Damery (0.15 ha)


Mostly clay-limestone soil.
1 m of topsoil then chalk and clay.
More sandy heights, clay more present in places on the way to Dormans.

Grape varieties

52 % Meunier / 26 % Pinot Noir / 21 % Chardonnay / 1 % Petit Meslier

Average altitude

160 m

Average age of the vineyards

35 years old





Number of plots


Certified HVE – High Environmental Value – Level 3

The Mignon family is not afraid to use big words. From father to son, they have always defended a sustainable viticultural philosophy, filled with good farmer’s common sense:
  • Tillage: plowing and inter-vine hoes
  • Regular mowing to avoid weed-killers
  • Insecticides banned, use of sexual confusion racks
  • Organic amendments in the fall, no fertilizer
  • Natural treatments based on algae to energize the plant at flowering time

The essence of the house

The wines list

The importance of subsoils and basements

The plural form is important here. Because if the clay-limestone soil dominates, its profile varies a lot from one plot to another according to the relief, inclination, and exposure….It sometimes varies within the same plot of a few ares! The infinity of typicities that it contains offers as many possibilities in the cellars. In plural as well, because at Mignon-Boulard, do not expect a single large longitudinal cellar; the basements are full of corridors and nooks and crannies!
Mignon Boulard subsoils

In the secret
of the laboratory


2.000 kg wood wine


24 hours


Grape variety by grape variety
Plot by plot

Alcoholic fermentation

From 7 to 15 days
Without thermoregulation

Malolactic fermentation

Systematic natural


Steel vats
Enamelled steel vats
Concrete vats
Oak barrels
Stoneware jars


Barrels of 3 wines and more
Old barrels of Meursault and Puligny-Montrachet
Second-hand barrels from the Tonnellerie de Champagne

Principle of reserve

Perpetual, partially in barrels


Non filtered

Cold stabilization