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At our place, wine is at the table,

it is its only reason for being.

At our place, wine is at the table, it is its only reason for being.

–  Cyril Mignon

Champagne Mignon Boulard

The art of wine the cellars

Hidden from the view, Cyril is busy working on his new project. His talent for R & D (‘Research and Discovery’, in his jargon) gives birth to hundreds of scents and flavors that are sublimated by a carefully calculated stay in the cellars.
Once out in the open, his creations are not just called upon for show: each one is destined for a specific table, for bold culinary associations. 
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Mignon Boulard vat

A little apptizer…

We are inviting you to the table. Or rather to tables – plural form. Because this is how we see champagne and wine in general, as an integral part of the meal, the sine qua non condition of a successful culinary experience.
Let us insist: no wine without a meal and no meal without wine. We owe this intransigence to our own education. Our wines are all rooted in a rich terroir, from Venteuil, and a strong family story. What is the philosophy of our House? It is easier to talk about it directly around a good bottle with the right dish.
Enjoy your visit and have a good tasting (with moderation)!

The essence of the house

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A unique experience

Virtual tour

Virtual tour
Between tradition and family know-how, let yourself be carried away by the tale of a unique history, that of the Mignon Boulard Champagne house. Through the richness of its heritage, you will discover a world where creation rhymes with passion.